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Project Summary

According to the school programme’s priorities and at the same time introducing Competencies approach to learning content with the aim to develop, knowledge, skills and attitudes needed for life today all the systematic project activitieswill help to develop child’s talents and a competitive personality and to exchange competence approach with other school experiences in the sense of environmental education. The best way is to learn from the partners schools as they have different approaches, different content of subjects, methods and understanding of green habitat, because of our different locations in Europe.

With this project we want to bring closer the sense of understanding common European Dimension in the environmental sector at education level.

The motive of the cooperation partnership is the awareness of «Green thinking». The main need of the project is to raise a comprehension among students that living in an friendly and natural environment is an important question for their lives. Our project motivation is based on school’s programmes and and we would like to share and learn experience on implementation of environmental protection topics and methods with other countries schools. It would be very useful for school learners and teachers to get other schools exchange experience as well as get acquainted with cultural, green and various traditions experience of other countries.

The important assumption of the project is the emphasis on the development of communication in foreign languages and the extension of language skills as well as competence based approach to the learning. The main objective will be achieved through various activities involving partner schools as well as it will encourage pupils and teachers to conduct research on the amount of recycling, waste, energy, water use at school towards making it more sustainable environment.